The girls were laying on the couch when I looked over and saw Sadie using Heidi as a pillow! They are looking at my daughter that happened to be standing nearby. Day 223/365.

Sadie and Heidi

More Bugs

My Magnolia tree surprised me with another bloom! Caught these 2 little bugs hanging in the middle, enjoying the fragrance I suppose!  Day 221/365.DSC_0008 (2)

Leaf-footed Bug

Looking for something to photograph today, when I walked by my Magnolia tree and saw this peculiar bug on one of the pods. There were about 6 of them on 2 different pods that I saw. I didn’t realize that the focus was more on the water drops than on the bugs until I was posting. Oh well… Thanks google for helping me find out what kind of bug this was! LOL!! Day 220/365.