Almost Gone

The blooms on this bush are providing a few last tastes of pollen for the bees. Day 253/365.DSC_0027


Clear Skies

Clear, beautiful sky today. Irma will be bring clouds and an unknown amount of rain here in Atlanta. Prayers for everyone in Irma’s path. Day 252/365.


What Mom??

Checking on Sadie and Heidi, because they need to be checked on ;). I love the looks I get, especially from Sadie, when I check to see what they are up to. Day 250/365.



I’m hiding, I’m hiding
And no one knows where;
For all they can see is my
Toes and my hair. Not sure if grasshoppers have toes or hair! 🙂  Day 248/365.


Tree Bark

I find this tree bark interesting. It lives in my neighbor’s yard. Sometimes when some of the bark falls off, it ends up in our yard. I looks like a sheet of paper.  Day 247/365.