Hanging out trying to catch some birds at the feeder. Mr Cardinal stopped by, looked at me and left. This was the only picture of him I got. At least he’s looking at the camera! Day 138/365.

DSC_0006 (2)

Flower Moon

Yes another moon picture, but the weather man said the Flower Moon would be out last night. Of course I didn’t get the best of it as it was already high in the sky when the 11:00 pm weather man announced it. Guess I should have paid attention to the 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm news! Interesting facts that I didn’t know… The Farmer’s Almanac tells us that May’s full moon is known as the Full Flower Moon….  also called Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon, marks a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom. Day 131/365.

DSC_0014 (2)


I don’t know what kind of weed this is, but I thought is was pretty cool looking. There are little webs on it. I also like the little curly q’s on the right hand side of the weed. Day 129/365.

DSC_0020 (2)